Sample ProjectsΒΆ


Howard Lewis Ship created this simple proxy to expose part of the BoardGameGeek database as GraphQL, using Lacinia.

It was used for examples in his Clojure/West 2017 talk: Power to the (Mobile) People: Clojure and GraphQL.

A simple API to track details about games and high scores. Built on top of Compojure and PostgreSQL. See this blog post by the author.
Event sourcing tutorial
This project consists of multiple components creating a bank simulation. The graphql-endpoint leverages Kafka to do queries, mutations and subscriptions. Also part of the project is a frontend using re-graph.
Fullstack Learning Project
A port of The Fullstack Tutorial for GraphQL, ported to Clojure and Lacinia.
Hacker News GraphQL
A version of Hacker News implemented using GraphQL and Datomic on the backend, and re-frame on the front end.
Lacinia LDAP backend
A sample library for querying a LDAP/Active directory using GraphQL
Lacinia Qliksense backend
A sample library for querying an Qliksense server (Repository API) using GraphQL