Our goal will be to provide a GraphQL interface to data about board games (one of the author’s hobbies), as a limited version of Board Game Geek.

Board Game Geek itself is a huge resource, with decades of information about games, game designers and publishers, tracking which users own which games, game ratings, forums for discussing games, and far, far more. We’ll focus on just a couple of simple elements of the full design.

The basic types in the final system are as follows:

digraph {


 BoardGame -> GameRating [taillabel="1", headlabel="n"]
 BoardGame -> {Publisher, Designer} [taillabel="n", headlabel="m"]
 GameRating -> Member [taillabel="n", headlabel="1" ]


A BoardGame may be published by multiple Publisher companies (the Publisher may be different for different countries, or may simply vary over time).

A BoardGame may have any number of Designers.

Users of Clojure Game Geek, represented as type Member, may provide their personal ratings for board games.

Even this tiny silver of functionality it sufficiently meaty to give us a taste for building full applications. We’ll start by creating an empty project, in the next chapter.